Soy-Free Makeup

Our Soy-Free Formulation Policy

We are proud to offer a complete line of soy-free cosmetics. We’ve created a niche in the natural beauty market for offering a wide range of natural makeup free of many common (and not so common) toxic, synthetic, and irritating cosmetic ingredients. We are one of the few natural cosmetic companies that refuses to formulate with synthetic FD&C and Lake Dyes, silicones, PEG, fragrance, bismuth oxychloride and polybutene. We quickly realized that many of our customers who are allergic to toxic cosmetic ingredients and synthetics also topically react to common, irritating natural cosmetic ingredients such as gluten and soy.

Gluten and soy cosmetic ingredients are tricky to identify because they show up in the cosmetic ingredient lists in a myriad of ways, none of which contain the word ‘gluten’ or ‘soy’. Both soy and gluten are also two of the cheapest and most prevalent sources Vitamin E and tocopherol. Unless the company has a specific soy-free statement, you may never know what’s truly in your products. Read our blog post that answers more of your questions and concerns about soy in cosmetics and our soy-free makeup line.